Friday, August 13, 2010

Ecclesiastes 8

Life goes on regardless,
cuts Time through and through
with a long sword and removes its heart,
then lets it pass, finding no interest there:
a long, dull ticking sound, crying out
"Hurry!" and "Stop!"

A very good mantra: one footfall
ringing along tree paths.
It does not speed or slow;
a thing that dies without fading.


  1. This evokes courage in the face of the seeming monotony and futility of life. I especially like the line "a thing that dies without fading".

  2. Time feels like such an enemy, day in and day out. With everything we have to do, all our responsibilities and pleasures, it seems to work against us.

    I honestly don't get this poem at all, but it makes me feel more at peace with the concept of time as a whole. I appreciate that I have a framework to live in that I understand and that holds me accountable. Perseverance one step at a time. Time. It's all good.