Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Vision of Soundless Bells

Tomorrow I walked away with a limp
from what was near today,
in search of what is true always.

In the company of towering cedars and cypresses,
across the surface of rivers to the sea;
past and over watery forms
and the rushing of monstrous shadows,
I walked, and slowly.

An unknowable vision cut my sight,
like lightning as it strikes the point of a blade:
a grove of silence or whispers; whispers not to hide the words,
but to necessitate attentiveness.
In the center of the ocean; a glade
like a ripple caused by a falling leaf in a fawn's eye.

In the middle of the glen,
the iris of the ocean,
I saw a golden tree take root in dark soil,
white flowers hidden in the petals of its leaves.
Beneath these untouched flowers, hanging in the breathless wind:
silver pears, like soundless bells.

Tomorrow I walked away from what was near today,
toward this, and it has held my sight.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Matthew 9:13

God is here and you are not. Who am I to love?

Hulls are breaking the surface of the water, but the sea remains.
Waves roll and rear into the sky and groan with weight
and call upon the land with white hands,
but the sea and the land are green and breathing and immutable.

You have taken my clothes, have left me cold and undone
with all the ends of my seams hanging over the edge of the past, unraveling.
God has given me his blood, the light of the Sun, and my spirit
to outlast what you have touched.

What am I to say for you?

I am lying in the low, soft pastures of the high valleys of the old sea,
and the night is warming, and I am at the breast of my Lover.

You are running hard somewhere,
exhausting yourself in a spirit of cunning
and victorious malice,
to leave me.

Leave me, then. I am Here.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Lakeshore Trees

The lake shoreline is waiting for the day
to break its bones upon
the roaring mane of golden dawn, the roaring mane entangled on
the dreams of every dreamer in the night before,
now gone, gone, now gone.

The lakeshore trees are standing till the water breaks the sky
and floods the firmament of swimming eyes and draws
the thoughts of fishes' heads above, aloft, and high,
where they will gasp that it is dry,
where they will drown upon the altar of the sky;
where they will see the lakeshore trees give up their foothold in the green,
will watch them tumble, murmur, slide into the watery blue sky
where they will lie, observed by fish,
till all of the ripples
have died, died, have died.

Atop the bottom of the lakebed you will find me catching wry
as fishes dart amongst the branches, crying, burbling in their cry:
"Help us, watch us, we are flying,
we are drowning,
these are trees in which we die!
These trees are dreams, and we are moving
in the sky, the sky, the sky!"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Breath Submerged in Water

I walked through dreams of nature,
feeling with my hands what I could not see.
I walked through the channel of my eyes as the gates stilled the springs,
and I floated in the limitless expanse of a sea of my dreaming.

I walked through dreams until I found that they are both
the well-spring and receptacle of reality,
and nature is the image of God
reflected off the placid surface of truth in Dream.

I am drowning off my hindrances behind the gates
whence flow the waters of dreams;
I am submerged in this ocean
without bottom or shore or surface or end,
and as I float, suspended
in limitless waters of light and of shadow,
I am breathing.


I am breathing.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Discovery of Childhood for Strings

There are strings in the corners of every room,
and if I pull them when I am not looking, the world shrinks lower
and removes its grandeur from its aspect
and my tendencies towards living as if I were small,
as if I were looking for a key and not a doorway,
as if I were not trying to love for loving's sake,
to hold for holding on,
to know before what is to be known
is found by the wind and is gone,
fall and disintegrate
like the tail of a rhapsody
for cold and silver strings.

The top of the mountain becomes, I do not know,
but something other than the groaning task it is today.
The women of the world have hope and look at me again,
and marvel at the smallness of my hands that grasp the strings and pull.

Only ever were discoveries of man like melting snow,
freezing, disillusioning, and covering dreams in hiding as they go.
When did I think that this should be, when all the world,
in all its rooms, wears corners on its strings?

I pull and pull, and pulling find the world that we should know.

I discovered childhood, and that was years ago.