Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Denying Entrance to Two Demons On Separate Nights

The threshold you are tempting toward,
though but a way without a door, it is not for you!
You have been invited here, but there was a set place,
a set time: when I suffered.

Where were you then?

You are too late; your plate is washed and dried,
your chair pushed in, your bed fulfilled.
I am asleep now.  In the morning light, whom will I love?

Go away, little thing.
Take your dreams and cool night sweats,
your too-large voice, into the bottomless long avenue
of you, your coming too late to me.
My lover holds me, resting.

The doorway without door is shut.


I know the things you show are enticing, but your very appearance
repulses me like a sermon from the lips of a hypocrite,
like promises from a drunkard's mouth.

I have nothing to do with your hellfire!
Burn some other bright place dark as windswept ashes.
I have left your flame, scarred over,
healed without you.

I will not play your riddles,
you are too weak an instrument
for my ancient tune.


  1. What an excellent poem. They struck me as being anti-love poems. The imagery is similar to usual love poems but in rejection, repulsing the seducer. Impressive work. Thank you. Gay

  2. powerful words... your blog here is intriguing. thanks so much for linking up today!

  3. Thank you both very much! You're very generous. :)

    -Dan H.