Sunday, August 1, 2010

Only Until I Find You (The Low Roar of Ramparts)

Down from the high castle of my stony intellect,
out from the deep caverns of my ponderous false heart.
I am alive and this bright golden field of my wheat soul is you.
So far removed, with your voice and hands hidden
amongst this multitude of gentle strands,
but only until I find you are we one in the distance.
With God and the thought of your eyes, I am a divine Trinity.
We three are all instead of one until I realize
that these words are the same truth: we simply are.

I am an empty sea in this fortress of my being;
without your light to rise and set with me,
I am the last echo of a beautiful phrase
reverberating off the walls in these,
the caverns of my heart.
Vessels cross me in rippling storms,
yet not one casts a shadow on its way to
some other inlet or bright ocean.

In searching through this field of my soul for you
there is the wholeness
and the insatiable void of God.
I cannot find any lie in life
because there is nothing, nothing to hide.

To find you here is every deep joy that never departs;
there is nowhere else to be.

Down from the high castle of my stony intellect,
out from the deep caverns of my heart to breathe a little;
to enjoy the sound of birdsong like your whispering words,
the taste of truth like your mouth and the touch
of the wind in your hand,
carrying with it the sight of your soft hair
and the scent of your skin past the low roar
of tumbling ramparts.

1 comment:

  1. This is beautiful. So much effortlessly flowing language.

    I can see so much in this relating to the time it was written. Love, your love. The influences of the philosophies of Zen. And the search. Always always the search that comes inevitably with being this age and at this stage of life.

    The metaphor of meeting in a field of wheat makes for a really profound and striking image. You incorporate it really well.

    So so so beautiful. So many pictures, such an honest, really felt and not thought message.

    "there is nowhere else to be"

    that line pretty much sums it up for me. You have a flair for creating something absolutely beyond appealing. How I would love to be there.

    I love it.