Friday, August 13, 2010

The Gentlest Small Thread of Lightning

My heart swells beneath my chest and balloons
the blanket of my warming skin
at the recent sense memory
of your fingers in my hair, your leg beneath my chin,
your hand holding me close as the car
turns corners in the rain,
this warm rain past midnight.

Beneath, the tires turn, but all I know
is your touch on my hair and my shoulder
as, gently, you keep me from falling.

It's very lucky of me, in this cold,
that I have found someone as warm as you.

As I startle at the sound of thunder,
as I close my eyes and dream of sleeping,
I am calmed, am soothed by you,
your touch across my back.

One tire skids, one set of warming hands
moves tirelessly, slow
as water splashes up
against the cracked window.

So bright are you,
the gentlest small thread
of lightning.


  1. your words can create such beautiful pictures now planted in my mind.

  2. Simplicity.
    One thread, one idea, one metaphor. This poem has one gentle, warm, affectionate focus that it softly conveys throughout.
    I love the simplicity, and the feeling the delivery conveys. Your calm happiness of the memory is so obvious. I believe you truly felt like this, and I am so so glad you did.

  3. P.S. I want you to put up that poem you wrote in the 7-11 parking lot with me and Bina and Emy and Hannah and Rachel! I liked it a lot.