Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Portrait of a Woman Weeping

God, there is a woman in the street,
a woman with rain running down
between her breasts, across her skin,
to clothe her in water as her nudity is magnified
droplet by droplet by droplet.
A woman in the street, her eyes forever
aimless wandering in all directions,
standing frozen-cold and still,
hands rippling the air, breasts bared
to a naked world through water;
a woman of rain.

God, drowning.

1 comment:

  1. The device you told me about that you used in the title of this one is still just awesome. I think I appreciate it more every time I read it.
    This poem is very unique. You don't write like this often. I really like how (once you realize what it is) the poem is just a snapshot of the scene. A description of what is going on with one person at one point in time, but with intense insight. It's straightforward, it's simple. And that is a very touching type of beautiful.