Friday, May 28, 2010

Eyes of Joy

Words are not rain in the night to reflect a golden moon
in overlapping series of concentric light,
prismatic circles in the road.

A streetlamp shivering its skin
amidst the heartening proximity of raindrop to raindrop

and answering thunder with an echo of ringing tin
is not a golden moon.

Eyes of joy in the face of splendor,
drawing together the endless, ageless worth of beauty seen
into a blur myopic of contentment overwhelmed
are not a fleet of raindrops,
nor breaths drawn in equal in truth to thunder.


No, but God, they will suffice.

1 comment:

  1. The worth of words expressed through words. This poem makes me appreciate words. God chose words to reveal himself to us. Often I feel like they're just not sufficient to express certain ideas, but they were God's medium of choice, so obviously there is something very special about words.

    Their beauty, their power, their usefulness, the simplicity yet high levels of thought in this poem make it so elegant.

    I love the imagery throughout, but particularly the description of the first stanza.

    And once again you are the master of closers that pack a punch. Even the punctuation you use and the way you organize your poems is highly effective. I love how you put quotation marks a line above and a line below your actual quotation. Your poetry is aesthetically pleasing.