Monday, June 6, 2011

A Piercing Luminance (A Soft Door)

It certainly seems that Lily will never bloom again,
God will never be resurrected from my death
and the light is gone forever.

I never saw the light die.

I saw the obscuring grief gather,
and it took to the edges first,
slowly absorbing my center,
which shone till the last, as if to say
"Do not forget, never despair, remember!"

I saw a naked statue today, her smooth stone body reminding,
her promises concealed by perfect vines.
Her body spoke virtues: sacrifice, gentle forgiveness,
an invitation and a healing love.

God awakes in my body,
a piercing luminance breaks through for a moment,
a secret blossom trembles in the leaves.

Stay, my hope from God! Beloved,
guard yourself for me: unfold, enfold, in season.
These seasons never last, and Spring is close.

So begins lovemaking,
when my hope folds in the edges
of the world upon me,
closing a soft door on the past.


  1. How is it that no one has commented? This is stunning. Very powerful and emotive. Well done. =)

  2. I agree with the previous comment. I don't know if I understand all of the poems of yours I've read so far, but this one's amazing.