Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Through a Bedroom Window

Red-dirt browns, spring Greens,
like youth
or noise, fresh sounds of quiet, living things,
bend stubborn ways to usher in
a roaring silent winter
as skies and earth grow heavy and white with age.

Voices lose their place among expected things.

Limbs are lent to ground with intermittent groans
and cries
of oak and maple.
Names like colored leaves left over
from a borrowed time,
whose legacies are kept by faith,
and not distinction.

Heavens have now forced the sparsest clouds to flight.

In their place:
bloated stars,
swoll up,
create a firmament
and white.

Four pillars of a wooden home, green once, and bright,
shake, as if it were unclothed tonight.
Brave pillars, cold assaults of ice withstanding,
lay quiet
in the face
of the subdued scratchings of my pen.


It is not terrible to winter off old leaves and sleep
until a Sound is sent to fetch and bathe us in the warm,
sweet-scented springs of waking
and lay us down to live inside a field
of gentleness
and peace
that blossoms summeringly.


1 comment:

  1. This reminds me of Wind & October because it's so beautiful.

    It's amazing how a little bit of unique perspective, a little thought, a little time taken to really think about what you actually see, smell, taste, touch, and hear, and how that translates in your brain can reveal such beauty in something so ordinary.

    I think (mind you I THINK, I'm not totally sure) that what it is that makes your writing so unique and fantastic is that you take normal things that would be boring, and make them wonderful by saying it in either a metaphor that it takes your unique mind and capacity for original thought to come up with, or in such a way that you describe what the essence of something is to you instead of just saying what it is.

    You create an image or an idea of your subject instead of just telling what it is and allowing the masses to make what they will of it, to impose their own associations that probably don't line up with the poem on it.

    The only shortcoming is that sometimes it's SO unique and in-depth that I have no idea what you're talking about. Because I have that annoying thing where I want to know what YOU meant. I don't care to create my own meaning out of the words. :/

    So that probably made no sense. But I like it. I like your style. I like your words. I like the way you see things. It's so thoughtful and detail-oriented. Thanks for sharing once again.