Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Duet Streams, Like Slumbering Cowards

How can lids like velvet curtains,
quiet drapes,
draw closed and cover all four distant bedpost
corners of the eyes,
this late
this slumbering morning?

What manner of gatekeeper will from out the rims proceed,
wipe sleep-snot from his hair,
spit vitreous humour,
clutch itching hat in dripping fingers
caught wet-handed,
offer mumbling forth:


'Tis I, 'tis not a soul but me,
no hands but these,
did trap for drowning
all the lovers in your silent dreams.


History knows but once a wretcheder wrong perceived;
the cowardice
of lovelessness
which sought to lovers dream.

The moon is full.

Uncurtained eyes come culling down
no transformed pelt,
this nude,
this impotent,
unmoving skin
yet cold.

No warmth to melt the snow to steam.

Warm waters guide,
with duet streams,
the eyes

to lovers

found in false
and lidless dreams.




  1. I'm still trying to figure this one out. I think I'm getting it bit by bit, and I love the parts I'm understanding.

    By the way, I finally wrote again. :D

  2. I see you decided to post it :)

    I guess you already know what I think of this one. I'd love to hear an in-depth explanation of it sometime. Borrowed insight is a priceless learning tool.

  3. You could probably change wretcheder to more wretched, which in my opinion flows better...

    Otherwise, I thought it was great and I already have an idea of what some of it is about...but I'd like to hear what you meant as well.