Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Clear is the Dawn

Newly born of night, my sun rose clean and clear
into a dawn that faltered as it moved towards true light, true warmth;
no cloud to warn, no single drop of rain
from low heights of high hopes.

Into the dawn to wither?
Into the noon to die of darkness and misgivings of What?
Into the highest noon
like one of many cold stars that day.

Bright is the sun, clear is the dawn,
warm is the Summer that the Spring entailed:
distance, silent far-off space, has made the day so dark.

1 comment:

  1. This is sad. But what I see is true. Having beauty all around me, having a sunny day, a clear dawn, a summer, a warmth, having the gloriousness of things I love will almost always make the day better. Almost.
    But there are things that pull me down and darken me that no sunshine can light up. When I'm really down, when I feel like dirt, I hate it when the day is beautiful and kind people do kind things for me because I can't be grateful or appreciate them. I don't deserve their kindness.
    This is full of beautiful imagery, but the ending is sad. Just like one of those days that it makes me think of.