Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Golden Pathways In the Skin

Golden lines run beneath your skin,
directing and yearning; we must have melted the ore,
for now the treasure runs like laughter in a child's lips,
the stream billows like a flag in the wind,
the lily entices the air and is moved.
Movement becomes dance,
one heart is gone and fills the soul,
the emptiness pools gold.

In martial practice, play push-hands
and greet what arrives, escort what leaves,
rush upon loss of contact.

Learn to play thus, learn to kiss.

Learn to love and teach the body all
the golden pathways in the skin.


  1. great imagery in this poem dan! lovely!

  2. Thank you, Claudia! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    -Dan H.

  3. This makes me want to jump and shout and love love love and never do anything else but pour myself into the people I care about, and spend my few moments alone dissecting the details of the beauty and awe of what I share with these people and trying to fully understand just how incredible the creation of life and the intricacies of interaction are.
    This makes me want to find that one person and throw myself into learning them, knowing them, and through my love for them, seeing the beauty and redemption in every sign of brokenness and fault I'm so intimate with.
    This makes me want to embrace the undeniable human need for relationship and never ever let go.
    This is a very good poem.