Monday, September 6, 2010

Circling Fields of the Open Air

Two single plumes
having nothing to do with one another
circling fields of the open air.

Two lovers discussing chattilly how
horribly lovesick they are
for their distant, distant loves.

Two wax candles
burning weakly in far corners;
little light.

Two sides, one blank, of a lottery billboard,
its promised count long since inaccurate.
Millions still decide to play.

Two shade plumes; clear air;
bright reflections in dark water, someone
snaps a photograph.


  1. daniel...congratulations on winning the poetry competition over at one shot!

  2. came via one stop - love your autumn poem and love this one as well - it has a beautiful fragility...burning weakly in far corners...really, really beautiful!

  3. Thanks to you both. :) I'm very glad to have been discovered by you.

    -Dan H.