Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Or Clouds

It is impossible to know whether the horizon holds
reflections of light on the water,
or thin, soft clouds.

I close my eyes and refuse to know.
Even my existence in this world of stillness
is a matter of faith.

For this moment, I am.

I choose to love these fleeting wonders as they pass,
relinquishing the best of myself
in hope that I may someday be repaid.

Even for a short while.

1 comment:

  1. I like this one. A lot. Because I get the same feeling a lot, just sort of wondering if all these truths that we take for granted are really true, or just taking a step back and realizing how amazing and awe inspiring some of those truths really are.

    I don't know. The poem gives me an idea of detachment. Like you're trying to step outside your self and your ideas and biases and really just look at the world and what goes on without any preconceived notions. And that is a very difficult thing to do. And it's very strange when you actually brush by success and get a glance of what it looks like.

    I was asleep about 15 minutes ago, and now you've gotten me thinking about somewhat deep and difficult topics. If you were aiming for thought-provoking poetry, you win.